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Practice journey deep dive

Yoga Wisdom Wellness

is a 3-month deep dive into your practice journey.

Whether you are new to yoga or looking to refresh your practice,

the Yoga Wisdom Wellness (YWW) journey enhances mind-body

connection, sense of inner peace, focus and overall balance in life.

This is a journey for all human-beings ready to commit to the best version of themselves, empower their inner-being & well-being,

and reclaim their energy.

Yoga is direct and intimate participation with your life.

It is being in relationship with life.

Yoga is the embodiment of your deep soul values and heart centered ideals.


It is not a means to get anywhere. Rather, it is to arrive fully here, in the present moment, where it's all happening. 


Who is this for?


 Do you find yourself... 

burnt out from stress?

defeated or discouraged by the direction of your life?

lacking purpose, motivation or enthusiasm?

struggling to feel a sense of connection and intimacy,

whether with yourself or others?

frazzled, overwhelmed, and unsure how to properly manage your energy?

ready to go deeper with your personal development

& well-being?

 Are you ready to... 

reclaim your energy and relationship to yourself?

show up with full presence, clarity and contagious vitality in

your work, relationships, community, etc?

live from a deeper sense of purpose and fulfillment? 

improve your mental and physical health for longevity?

receive the support and structure to make this happen?

invest in a caring guide with candor, someone who has been on this journey

and is living yoga wellness wisdom principles?

Struggles aside, perhaps you are simply someone who wants to deepen your connection to yourself and the world, increase your inner peace and happiness, and invest in your well-being. Do you hear the calling?


"Yoga with Sierra is much more than just a workout or a place to escape. It's an entire experience. Mind, body, and soul.

We took a yoga class from Sierra, coming in at totally different levels as a couple. I (Gabi) have taken yoga for several years and I usually feel pretty flexible and in-tune with my body. Brock is newer to yoga and comes in as an athlete but a beginner to yoga. With Sierra as a teacher, you don't need to be an expert. Her calm, comforting demeanor guides you through class with grace and acceptance.

Sierra is just as much a loving, welcoming, and skilled teacher as she is a friend. She has so much to offer and her wisdom and outlook on life goes far beyond the yoga studio. We love Sierra!" ~Gabi and Brock 

The Journey

Over 3 months, we dive into the Wisdom of Yoga, both on and off the mat, to optimize your Wellness lifestyle. We start exactly where you are and structure the content to serve your unique needs, desires, and goals. 

What's Included

(3) 60-minute 1-1 Yoga Session ($360 value)

personalized to you - this yoga is for EVERY BODY

(3) 60-minute 1-1 Off-The-Mat Session ($360 value)

lifestyle & wellness coaching conversational Q&A, practice support for yoga, meditation, breathwork, etc.

40 Day Personal Practice ($105 value)

personalized sadhana (spiritual practice), can include breathwork, yoga postures, meditation, mantra, wellness habits

Ongoing support via email | All sessions held remotely on Zoom

$825 true program value

This package is currently offered at a reduced rate,

with 3 payment options for accessibility and ease:

(6) Bi-Monthly Payments of $125

(3) Monthly Payments of $250

(1) Pay in Full $725

The financial investment mirrors the energy, commitment, and overall value of the program.

And, this journey is worth so much more than its monetary value.

It is hard to put a price on something that is truly priceless, life-changing & enhancing...

Something that will breathe life into and give rise to personal and planetary thriving.

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About your Guide


At the root of Sierra's wellness journey is yoga. She draws from her passions and experiences in yoga, holistic nutrition, and massage to offer an embodied and energetic perspective on wellness. She meets each student where they are at, peacefully and playfully encourages them to connect to their inner wisdom through breath-body connection, while serving as a loving presence in the process.


Sierra has been practicing yoga since 2010 and received her 200-hour certification in 2016. She is a lifelong student and continues to study and train in yoga history, yoga therapy, anatomy, energy healing, the heart of yoga, and more. She has taught yoga in a variety of environments to a variety of beings and levels, from studios and corporate law offices to festivals, hostels and retreat centers. She bows deeply to teachers who have influenced her practice: Bill Dial, Lenna RayJanani AyniBodhi Deva Ma, Shannon Femenia, Mark Whitwell, and many more.

What Clients Say


"Sierra has a presence that resonates with the vibration of joy and equanimity. She thoughtfully guides participants deeper into their heart-mind using voice, breath, movement and intention. I worked with Sierra at several venues when I lived in San Marcos, Guatemala and she helped me to regulate my nervous system after a very traumatic life change with her calm, compassionate demeanor and intuitive knowing. She is more than your typical yoga instructor. She embodies and transmits the heart of what it means to be a truly present human being and her powerful presence helps soothe the soul." ~ Jen Holley, Sacred Roots 

"I have so enjoyed yoga with Sierra. She provides such a nurturing space and calm presence. I have felt that I am getting soul food as well as a good yoga workout. Totally recommend." ~ Chip, Forman Motor Co

"Sierra's teaching has a tranquil and nourishing energy, that always leaves me feeling completely calm and in sync. I've worked with many yoga teachers, and find her fluid way of teaching to be the most beneficial."

~ Karrie, Empowerment Astrology

"My session was therapeutically comprehensive, blissfully soothing, and deeply calming. Sierra also creates a safe and healing atmosphere which is a mirror of the loving and compassionate presence that she radiates. What a treat!
~ Antonio, Soul Guide

"My all day yoga retreat with Sierra Rose was incredible.
I enjoyed it all, from the opening tea ceremony, to the yoga practice, to the afternoon cacao and everything in between. Sierra made us all feel comfortable and honored. I'm looking forward to joining her again when she is in our area. Namaste." 
~ Bonnie 

"I can't thank you enough Sierra. That was exactly the kind of practice I was hoping for. And you have a really nice instruction voice and clarity with your instructions. I enjoyed the whole practice." ~ David

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