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Rose Medicine

I have put off writing about Rose because she is so vast, ancient and mystical... How could her rich symbolism and medicine be distilled into writing? She captivates humanity in various ways, forms, and timelines. For now, I will humbly share from my heart and personal experience of Rose medicine.

First and foremost, we all have unique relationships with our plant friends. May my experience delight and inspire knowing it can never take the place of your own experience, wisdom and insight. I often prefer to form relationships with plants before reading up on them too much. Perhaps you'd like to enter the Rose mystery in a similar way. Otherwise, read on...

How I make Rose Medicine

One way I work with Rose is through ingesting Rose Medicine, a tincture of rose infused honey and brandy. It was first gifted to me by a dear sister, and then I began to make batches of my own. One day I dream of a wild rose harvest to make this medicine. For now, I love to use Mountain Rose Herbs’ organic rose petals. I fill a glass jar ¾ of the way with rose petals, add brandy and honey, and strain the liquid after a moon. For specific measurements, I adapted from a recipe by Milk and Honey Herbs.

How I work with Rose Medicine

If the Rose allures you, find a way to connect with her. She is a sensual plant, offering multiple connection points through smell, touch, taste. Taking Rose tincture is one way to open yourself to her essence. As drops of liquid rose gold land on my tongue, I feel the interconnected web of all things. Rose weaving her codes into my being as I integrate her essence, our DNA twirling together. I sit with Rose medicine in prayer as sacrament, in ceremony and/or in a moment when I need to call on her support.

Calling on Rose Medicine

I experience rose as a spiritual adaptogen. She has many dimensions and archetypal energies.

Her association with the Divine Feminine, Great Mother Goddess is strong, nearly inseparable. She is often associated with Mother Mary. In this way, I can experience her as a gentle, wise, nurturing, and compassionate being. This is the way I most often work with her, calling on her Quan Yin qualities as she calls on my devotion to the embodiment of unconditional love, as well as when my heart, mind and soul need softness and soothing.

The Rose plant has a woody base and there are many trees in the Rose family. I can call on her for stability, strength, and groundedness. Her thorns, for protection.

She is thorny. She is Blood Red. She grows wild. I can call on her fierce Kali ~ Wild Woman essence.

She is also erotic, alluring, sensuous. Roses are often related to passion and intimacy. I can call on her as Wild Woman ~ Sacred Slut ~ Enchantress.

Her velvet pink petals can also bring womb and sexual healing. She is a gentle teacher of the beauty of our most delicate parts, the divinity they hold, and the care they deserve.

We see roses at a funerals and weddings (sexual union). Her Blood Red petals allude to Womb Mysteries. Her presence at the gateways of death and birth and her spiraling petals beckon me to honor her Life-Death-Life wisdom and sacred cyclical nature.

Roses are so highly associated with love and the heart. Romantic love, self love, womb love, unconditional love. She is mother and lover. One of many dimensions that all seem to bleed into one another. Layered, unfurling petals. She contains multitudes and cannot be reduced to one aspect. Many Petals, One Rose.

Paired with the spiritual support are also many physical health benefits. Some of which include stress and anxiety relief, stomach and menstrual cramp soothing, and antioxidant benefits.

Give Thanks & Care As always, may we offer our gratitude to the plants that support us. I offer up my words of thanks for working with rose and tend rose plants with love and care in my gardening work. We can care for the wellbeing of the Rose by informing ourselves on the flower industry (and anywhere we are considering purchasing roses/rose medicine), sourcing wisely, harvesting with consideration for longevity and future generations, and perhaps tending roses of our own.

I am not financially compensated by any of the links I've shared here.

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