• Sierra Rose Buckley

The Gift of Life on Earth

I live in a society centered around individualism, personal gain, and productivity...

Time to change that story. My roots are so much deeper than that. Yours too.

What if instead of "it’s my personal right", we live from a place of "it is my obligation to future generations”?

It is my right, it is right, it is wise, it is a gift, a blessing, our inheritance:

To caretake a world that our children’s children’s children and all the more-than-human beings can love and thrive in, perpetuating the cycle of wellness.

What if instead of freezing up in existential crisis, wondering "why I am here?", or on the opposite end, forging my way to the “top” focusing on myself and inner circle, I recognized that I was born indebted to Earth and Spirit. My agreement in coming to Earth was to feed this planet and the Otherworld with art and beauty. And in turn, let myself be fed and touched by majesty.

Our dance, a love poem written in the wind.

Our song, nectar droplets sprinkling over the plants.

Our tears, replenishing the rivers and the rains.

Our laughter, rolling in the waves with dolphins.

Beauty echoing in the realm of spirit.

We are fed by this Earth. We are nourished and held by her. And if we listen deeply, we know we are fed too by Spirit, on a soul level.

We have the potential to be in the most glorious symbiotic exchange with Earth and Spirit!

These perspective shifts can serve as a compass. As we make decisions, as we question how to lead our lives, we can ask: “How will this impact past, present, and future generations? How will this impact our home in this lifetime, planet Earth?”

Where attention goes, energy flows. Do not worry yourself with how to fix it all, rather, as beautiful sister Dev Jeet writes, “busy yourselves creating a beautiful world, everything else will fall into perfect balance."


I bow in humility and pay respects to Indigenous peoples, and all beings who have always upheld this wisdom and way of life, even in the face of severe injustice. May we humble ourselves to their wisdom and honor their lives with great reverence.

These written reflections inspired by the works of: Stan Rushworth

Lyla June Martin Prechtel

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