• Sierra Rose Buckley

On Letting Go

The Art and Practice of Release

We speak of letting go,

of shedding “bad” habits, false beliefs, and wounded patterns.

Releasing that which no longer serves.

At times there is no thing to release, but everything.

Releasing the self, letting go into

Into what? Into that greater power, that lives within and all around us. Giving ourselves over to universal love, the cosmic void. whatever you call god-goddess, the divine. The embodiment of release. Becoming the very thing that is released.

Becoming both that which is released into the fire and the all-consuming fire itself.

Come gather round the circle Feed the fire what you release Ah, and you, You are the fire Be consumed by the release

In this form, release essentially is (re)Union. Ecstatic + Holy Union.

We long for it.

If we don’t have a practice for letting go, it is perhaps happening in unconscious or undesired ways. Take for instance pretty much any bingeing habit. Think of words for heavy drinking: getting smashed or obliterated. It is a natural feeling we crave. To relax into something, to just, completely and utterly... Let. Go.

It is indicative of a deep in the bones longing to reunite with the source of creation, to feel its fire consume us, its waves flow through us. To loosen our futile grip, open our vessel, and clear the way for spirit to animate. To be In-Spired.

To Re-Member that we are a part of something so much greater.

It is also a very natural response and valid way to express and move through powerful emotions, like joy and grief.

It is a deeply confronting practice, in that it confronts the reality of death and mortality. The truth that one day, we will all release back into the energetic field. Though this can feel scary, the practice is not meant to be scary, and it is an acknowledgement of the many Life-Death-Life cycles we can experience in just this one precious life. It is meant to bring us more fully into being alive. To shake off stagnancy and be present with the vital life force energy that breathes us.

Release into Chaotic flames Flames to ashes Ashes to dust The last futile grip Stretching open An empty palm This is the hollow place Where together We dance and we dream We sing and we weep

Gift yourself practice in the art of release. Any moment in which you are moved can be a moment of release. Letting go into can be both an all consuming wild fire and a vast open field. Having a safe space to do so is important. It can be vulnerable, and it requires we step into the powerful place of holding space for ourselves.

What are some ways we can hold space for ourselves to let go into?

Dance is one of the juiciest ways I experience letting go. To hurl the body chaotically (again, key word: safe space). Completely unleashing and releasing. Or perhaps a slow sway, embodying dark glassy waters; only subtly streaming moonlight and divine whispers can move you. Dance is accessible in that you can do it anytime, anywhere, and it can work with any feeling state. If dance is not already a part of your practice and you are open to explore, let this be an invitation.

Other forms of release might look like...

Tearful cries and weeping as ritual. Singing / chanting to a point of trance. Conscious love making.

Sitting or meandering in a quiet place in nature.

Swimming naked in wild waters.

Losing oneself in music or art.

Silent meditation.

There are as many ways to let go as there are beings on the planet. What works for one person may not work for everyone, and the only right way is the way that resonates with you. It may be different depending if you are moving with a specific energy or emotion, or if you are just practicing release for the sake of it.

The invitation is to simply explore practices where you can let it all go, letting the intention to do so guide you itself, especially in moments or phases of feeling stagnant or uninspired. As we are currently in the waning part of the year (October) approaching the Pagan new year, and the moon itself is starting to wane, the energy is optimal for explorations in release.

Go forth and let go!

May we practice with our feet on the earth, love in our hearts, and vision for the more beautiful, connected, loving and liberated world we know is possible.

Ready to release into the dance? All you need is some space to move and a good playlist.

here in support and kinship | blessings on the way

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