• Sierra Rose Buckley

Imbolc Musings

In the old earth based religions, holy days coincide with the shifting seasons. February 1~2 is the midpoint between winter solstice and spring equinox and is honored as Imbolc. Though it is recognized on a specific day, the energy permeates all around that date and can be observed in nature and felt as a seasonal shift. The nearest new or full moon is also an opportune moment to acknowledge the Imbolc ~ fresh milk, in the belly, budding branches ~ seasonal energy.


An Imbolc Evoked Poem

Blood red talon

Strikes sterile snow white

The colors of death

Bare trees

In a landscape, frigid still

Barely breathing

Look closer

The red heat of life

A budding branch

In a sea of white milk


Red & White, the elixir of creation


Imbolc Weather Divination

Like Ground Hog day, there is a myth involving Cailleach ~ Gaelic Crone Goddess, Dark Mother, Queen of Winter.

Will a sunny morning rouse the Cailleach to fetch fire wood for keeping warm during a long winter? Or will there be a cloud cover, leaving Cailleach to slumber with little to no fire wood left, bringing Springtime all the nearer?


Delve deeper into the mid-winter mood with me through the seasonal application of poetry, myth and story in the video below.

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