• Sierra Rose Buckley

Goddess Paradigm

Through Her Eyes: A world where the Divine Feminine is seen, known, loved, respected, and revered

Through her eyes, intuition is valued and respected. Through her eyes, rest is allowed, normalized, and essential.

Through her eyes, there is always enough.

In her language, there is much to be communicated through dance, song and other forms apart from wordy conversation.

Through her eyes, death is a vital part of the cycle.

Through her eyes, heaven is here.

Through her eyes, it’s all part of the ritual, the dance, the journey. In her world, a different story unfolds.

Through Her Eyes: Naming the Father fantasy, disdain for the Mother, and Opening to Her

Through her eyes, the universe is on your side. Life is working in your favor and wants you to thrive. Not the other way around. There’s no reason to fight. But life is hard. We experience pain, hardship and injustice and can start to fight against and even resent our lives. No wonder there’s a tendency to focus on a heaven that is conveniently some place in the sky, some place we’re always trying to get to, a place that’s not here... That is a coping mechanism for scared and injured creatures. To detach and degrade our earthly existence and go to our “happy place in the sky”. For many, the connection with Earth / matter / mother is severed or at least wrought with complexity. And yet, she is still here for us. She is still breathing us, quietly whispering her soul’s prayer through the trees, the waters, the winds. When we begin to restore ties with her, when we acknowledge her as our ally in this existence, we start to see the gifts of this truth. We stop telling stories of fear & separation. We begin to see life’s challenges as initiations. We begin to trust the unfolding of our life, because we are unfolding in her hands, on her soils. How could it be anything other than exactly what it is? This includes feeling emotions, as they wash over us, the depths of our sorrows & joys. This includes taking aligned and inspired action from a clear place when we can be of service and enact change. Simple things you can do right now to support your relationship with Mother Earth:

Take a moment, take 3 deep breaths with one hand on heart, one on belly. Ask your body, “how can I care for you right now?”

Take a walk and ask the Earth, “how can I care for you?”

Our matter (body) is a direct link to Earth (matter) and Mother (mater, the feminine principle).

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