My Story

I see a world where women are thriving with optimal energy and vitality, and feel at ease and confident in their skin. And I believe it doesn't have to take forcing ourselves to work out or restrictive dieting, but can actually be pleasurable and graceful to connect with and care for our health and bodies. 

Before I started deeply working with yoga and other holistic wellness practices, I was disconnected and uncomfortable in my own skin, and searching for ways to feel better. Honestly, I HATED my belly and was constantly bloated which just exacerbated the problem. I was always trying to find ways to tighten up, pushing myself in these intense bikini body workout regimens and counting my calories for everything I ate. My energy was temperamental, and I'd often find myself worn out at the end of the day, binge eating ice cream or whatever I had in the pantry.

All of these things were not sustainable if I wanted to be happy in my life. The overeating was causing breakouts and affecting my energy. The unrealistic work outs honestly just made me feel worse about myself. And I lost patience for counting calories. And anyway, it didn’t make me feel good. None of it did. At this point, I was already doing a lot of searching, and I heard something like “You can’t work out to change your body. You have to work out because you love your body and want to take care of it”, and something else like, “Do yoga for the love of it”. The idea of doing things for the love of it and the love of my body changed my whole approach. This meant I could drop things I didn’t love, like rigorous workouts. I started to question all the health and wellness fads, habits or routines I was trying and WHY I was trying them.

Yoga naturally became my primary interest, and through yoga, I started to connect to my intuitive sense and cultivate acceptance, love, and even adoration for my body. By relying on my sense of self-love and intuition, I know exactly what my body needs. Movement and exercising my body is now actually JOYFUL. Rather than trying to figure out what the healthiest diet is, I have a foundation of knowledge and an intuitive sense that lets me know. The tendency to overeat has been a huge journey, and it feels crazy to say it has almost completely diminished from my life. Changes did not happen overnight, although sometimes it feels that way. The practices I have worked with and learned help to keep me from getting burnt out, overwhelmed or numb, and keep my energy balanced and vibrant.


Healing my relationship with my health and my body had impacts beyond just me feeling amazing. The vibrancy I feel allows me to show up in the various environments and relationships in my life with said vibrancy. I have the clear energy and focus to create the life I love and pursue my passions. I believe the confidence I feel in my own skin was a major factor in attracting an incredibly positive and healthy romantic relationship into my life. We can so often look outward to solve our problems, but if we go within and love ourselves… magic happens.

What I realized was that the most important thing is listening deeply to myself and connecting with my inner compass. There is no one size fits all method that is out there that works for everyone. I had to carve my own path, because I am, and we all truly are, the captain of our own soul and the master of our own destiny (to bring in some Henley poetry wisdom). I don’t regret a moment of my journey, because it brought me to this truth. This journey allowed me to work with wonderful healers, herbalists and nutritionists, including 2 years working both professionally and personally with a holistic and clinical nutritionist. It brought me the gift of body wisdom cultivation through yoga starting at age 18, eventually training for 200 hours as a registered teacher, teaching yoga, and becoming a massage therapist. However, I don’t think we need to reinvent the wheel. 

I’ve tried a myriad of healing practices, and I don’t claim to know all the answers. What I do claim is the power of intuition. The power of support systems that are in alignment with your highest good -- mentors, community, and personal practices. Knowing yourself and creating a relationship with yourself is powerful beyond measure, and one of the most valuable, fulfilling keys I’ve found in this life.

All these puzzle pieces of my journey are not just for me. For the love of yoga, I have been sharing as a yoga teacher since 2016. Now, to directly support women to tap into this, I am guiding them on a holistic wellness path rooted in intuition and self-love, so that they can feel and know the sheer beauty, power, and wisdom in and of their body, and show up confidently, vibrantly, and empowered in their lives.


If you are reading this, this is an invitation to reflect on your relationship to your health and body. That workout – is it for the love of your body? Are you doing it, knowing your body doesn’t need to be any different than it is, and you choose to move in this way for the sheer pleasure of it? Is movement and exercise a total drag to you? Is food your medicine, or your way of numbing out? Do you feel life energizes you or drains you? This is not a judgement! This is an invitation. A curiosity. Taking note. If you ask yourself these questions, are inspired to make some changes and would love support in that journey, let's connect! I invite you to reach out below. I would be honored to witness, support, and empower you on you health and wellness journey.

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