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i m m e r s e   i n   t h e   e n e r g y   o f   t h e   m o o n

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m o o n m e n t u m  is...

a journey of lunar devotion

a virtual group container flowing through one complete lunar cycle

cultivation of spiritual practice with guidance, community support, and lunar wisdom

lunar devotion: syncing one's spiritual practice with the phases of the moon

this is the heart of moonmentum

other ways to name spiritual practice: prayer, devotion, ritual, ceremony, etc.

we are cyclical beings, governed by the moon

there is great power in understanding our nature as cyclical beings

we can attune to the energy of each moon phase and honor that within our own life

rather than working against the natural energy that is flowing.

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blessings of lunar devotion

deeper sense of grace and ease in life

connection and support with like-hearted souls

greater sense of meaning and connection in life

dedication and focus to that which is meaningful

clarity on your intentions and that which you most desire

clarity around what does and does not serve the greatest good

space to fully express the entirety of your being and experience

energetic expansion (voice openings, heart openings, etc.)

the gift of watching your intentions come to fruition

deeper connection to the flow and web of life

sense of organization and flow in life

space to slow down and reflect

this is for the ones...

who are yearning for soulful community

who desire more meaning and flow in their life

who are ready to honor the voice of their heart and soul

who believe they have a deeper purpose to serve in this life

who want to deepen their connection with spirit and lunar consciousness

who want to establish a daily practice for peace, joy and direction

who want to slow down and sync with their natural rhythm

who want to water their intentions with moonlight

and watch them come full circle

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hone the natural energy of moonlight

The name MoonMentum came to me because having worked with the moon cycle for over 5 years in various aspects, I have seen the momentum that it creates! When I step away from it and then come back, all of a sudden...

Energy flows

Intentions manifest

Life makes sense

Late summer, I was working with prayers for emotional healing and earth connection. I planted these intentions at the new moon and watered them throughout the phases. As the seasons waned, I was settling into my first gardening job and learning an emotional healing technique that freed up so much energy in my life.

While this has been my experience, it is not about the wow-factor. Potency increases with continued dedication, showing up, and relaxing into the practice, and even still, the manifestations are not always dramatic or apparent. That's natural, like the moon. We wax and we wane. This is what it is about...

honoring our cyclical nature

flowing with the natural energy of the moon

establishing dedicated daily rituals

connecting with like-hearted souls

While it can be done alone, there is power in numbers. Syncing up with kindred spirits in this work allows more ease in our motivation as well as amplifies the power of our prayer. Lunar devotion in community is certainly my preference.

Whether or not you have a specific prayer for your life, the lunar devotion we practice in MoonMentum can serve familial, collective, and global healing prayers. Lunar devotion also supports clarity on personal intentions if you so desire.

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what it's like to work with me

This is the first offering of MoonMentum. All comments are from past clients and program participants.


"Joining Sierra’s program was a call from the universe to reconnect with myself and my wellness.


I’m full of happiness to have joined a group of wonderful women and to feel accompanied in this process, to flourish even in distance with all these beautiful souls. I love Sierra’s energy and how she supported us and created a safe circle that was a balm for all of us. Everything was connected in the right time and best way. The whole program was a soul program sequence for me. The disconnections between my body, my heart and my soul were lovingly connected again.

I came back to my intuition, to my roots. It was a new awakening for my soul. I’m very grateful for that."

~ Meche Toledo

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m o o n m e n t u m

4-weeks of lunar rhythm & flow


Full Moon Opening Celebration
Dates TBD


Half Moon Release Ceremony

Dates TBD


New Moon Intentions Ceremony
Dates TBD


Full Moon Closing Celebration

Dates TBD

Please ensure you can attend all live calls above.

All calls 60-90 minutes.

No plans to record in respect to sacred space.

Live Dynamic Virtual Circles

Each 60-90 min call will be unique based on the moon phase and held in a ritualistic manner.

We will dive into the energetic qualities of the current moon phase and corresponding practices within the context of the larger lunar cycle.

Generally there will be breathwork, movement, creative and reflective inquiry with opportunity to share and be witnessed in circle.

Each circle will build off the previous one.

Lunar Downloads to Go Deeper

In between the live calls, you can expect to receive lunar devotion downloads such as additional movement practices, rituals and reflections.

These are optional invitations for those who want to go deeper in between meetings.

Connect with Kindred Spirits

We will use Zoom for live calls and WhatsApp for group communication.

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request for exchange

To support the sustainability of this work, I ask for financial exchange on a sliding scale:

$55 - $222

Sliding scale means minimum request is $55 and you can pay anywhere in between.


Please pay at the rate that makes your heart feel generous and your mind feel responsible, within your financial means.

Making multiple payments to pay at the appropriate rate is welcome.

My hope is that money is never an obstacle to this work. Feel free to reach out. 

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join  m o o n m e n t u m


Welcome! I am so grateful to have you in our circle.

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what it's like to work with me

This is the first offering of MoonMentum. All comments are from past clients and program participants.


"Sierra is really good at what she does. She’s non-judgmental and helped me feel safe with myself. I see her as very kind and patient and that she genuinely wants to help other people.

I joined this program to heal my mind, body and soul. I came out of it with more self-compassion, determination, courage, and connection with my feminine side. More and more everyday speaking up for myself because I love myself.

I am loving what I have gotten from these sessions. It is so encouraging for me to keep going forward. I want to share with my women friends as another avenue of help."

~ Ali, Idaho


"I have felt my perspective open. I feel confident in myself that I can care for my body in ways that are kind to my self and come from loving myself. I have given myself permission to want to care for my body. I really feel connected to other people and don't feel like I'm alone.

I’m so glad I joined this group and got the chance to work with you (Sierra). I loved that you were very validating and related with your own experiences. Your vulnerability made me feel very supported."

~ Karma, Oregon


"This work has taught me how to connect deeper with my mind, heart, body, and spirit. 

The program opened my eyes to different ways of thinking. I loved how tangible and easy it was to implement into my life! Learning about how the moon and my cycle are in sync was really impactful.

I love the way Sierra navigated the group and directed conversation. I felt totally valued and accepted and that my ideas or words were not judged. Sierra has a peaceful presence and brings so much light and joy; I loved learning from her!


The community created with the women involved was so supportive. I loved looking forward to the Zoom meetings and seeing everyone and sharing that space with them. It was cool because it brought people to me that I would have not had the chance to experience if it weren't for this!


My relationship with myself expanded through breath work, movement, and journaling! Even the journaling prompts presented in the modules allowed me to ask myself questions that I wouldn't have thought of before. I am excited to continue to revisit the lessons and let them flow into my life even more. It just opened more doors for me! Thank you!"


~ Maycee, Idaho


"My intention in our groupwork together was to find my ease, stability and support in my life, and boy did I find it! 

Sierra has a rare gift for bringing softness, nurturance, deep yogic wisdom and uninhibited expression to those that work with her.

In a world that's especially tough right now, where competition, busy-ness, and harshness is celebrated, Sierra comes as a balm to bring more ease, a listening ear and space holder to facilitate healing on multiple levels.


Easy to talk to, Sierra's sweetness elicits power to give yourself permission to be yourself, to express yourself, and to take care of yourself in the deepest way possible.


She acknowledges both light and shadow, and is generous and inclusive in her work.


I highly recommend Sierra as a yoga teacher, group facilitator and true friend. You will not regret working with Sierra, and I look forward to all the ways in which she will contribute beautifully and give to the world."

~ Brittany, Yoga & Intuitive Guide, Oregon


"Sierra has a presence that resonates with the vibration of joy and equanimity. She helped me to regulate my nervous system after a very traumatic life change with her calm, compassionate demeanor and intuitive knowing.


She thoughtfully guides participants deeper into their heart-mind. She embodies and transmits the heart of what it means to be a truly present human being and her powerful presence helps soothe the soul."


~ Bodhi Deva Ma, Sacred Roots 

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