EFT Tapping

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is a gentle and effective way to discharge and regulate difficult emotional states and/or experiences. It has both a cognitive and somatic component: tapping on meridian points while speaking aloud. It can be practiced as a self-healing tool or with a facilitator. 

Many people come to EFT when they feel stuck, stressed, or challenged in a certain area of life, including health & body, love & relationships, wealth & finances, career, purpose, and spiritual and/or emotional wellness. My teacher Meredith's words are, EFT "often works when nothing else has."


Virtual EFT Sessions

Email me to set up a phone call consultation

Single 60 min EFT Session = $60

Package of 4 EFT 60 min Sessions = $50 per session

Sessions take place via video call (Zoom, Google Meet, etc.)

No one turned away for lack of funds. If you are experiencing financial hardship, send me an email to inquire about sliding scale options.

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Image by Quinsey Sablan

"I get a lot out of the sessions.


I appreciate the reframing that happens during the sessions, and the immense ease and acceptance that I feel afterward.


It has helped a lot."


~ Jana, School Teacher, California


"If I could describe the experience, I would say it's a mix between EFT clearing and shamanic journeying/visioning...


It was a mystical, magical and most importantly, deeply healing experience.


I left the session feeling incredibly relaxed, supported and honestly blown away by what had just taken place. "

~ Brittany, Yoga Guide & Writer, Oregon