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Hello dear soul! Sierra here, in service as a loving presence and catalyst on your wellness, liberation, and soul journey.

I believe that by cultivating peace, joy, freedom, and love within ourselves, that inevitably ripples out into the world around us.

My mission is to empower human beings to feel well and free in their body so that we may live our truth, live from the heart, and be part of creating a more beautiful world, starting with…
Y o u.

Based in Northern California, I am blessed to work with amazing clients in massage, yoga, wellness & lifestyle coaching, mentorship and facilitating group journeys. And outside of that, it’s not so different. I live the practices I share with my clients. To name a few favorites – nature, fun & functional movement, sipping tea, being with the breath, cooking, music, reading, movie nights, being with great people – and receiving bodywork myself!

We each contain seeds. We are each seeds ourselves. These are the seeds of inner peace and happiness. They hold our greatest wisdom and power. And seeds need nurturing – good soil, sun light, and water.

Here are some ways I love to nurture

As Guide, Coach, & Mentor...

I meet people where they are at, reflect as a catalyst towards where they want to be, hold space, offer support, and accountability along the way. We take a close look at what’s present, what’s in the way, and the possibilities ahead.


I support people in taking steps aligned with their personal vision, be it central to well-being & lifestyle, including yoga & meditation, clarity on your values, goals & vision, your deep heart and soul longing, and/or coming into your fullest expression, freak flag flying, bright light shining.

As Yoga Practitioner & Teacher...

In the realm of yoga, we work both on and off the mat. Practicing asana (postures), breathwork (pranayama), and meditation are ways to embody your values and ideals. We explore yoga & wellness principles that you can carry out in your life off the mat to optimize your wellness, inner peace and happiness.

My yoga practice and teaching style reflects how I live life: continually evolving, playful, peaceful, and loving. In a session with me, you can expect to focus on the breath, body awareness, connect to inner stillness, and embrace showing up as you are. Through cultivating this kind of relationship with yourself, you can access intuitive body wisdom, which will guide you to the next step of your journey aligned with your highest good.


As Massage Therapist…

Based on your needs and desires, I hold a sacred, healing and nurturing space for clients to relax, unwind, and receive. The overstimulated nervous system craves stabilizing, regenerative experiences like massage. It is an overall mind, body, spirit re-set.

My style is intuitive and energetic, typically with smooth, gliding strokes, light to medium touch with more depth in focus areas. Some of the most profound effects have been experienced with the most subtle of touch; this is the power of surrender.

Relevant Experiences & Trainings... 

Massage Therapy 500-hr Training: Diamond Light School of Massage & Healing Arts 

(CAMTC certified) (Spring - Winter 2019)

Yoga Teacher 200-hr Training: School Yoga Institute (Yoga Alliance certified) (Summer 2016)

Health Coach Training & Certification: ACE (Spring 2016)

Holistic Nutrition 2-yr Internship: NourishMint Wellness (Winter 2014 - Summer 2016)

Plus many hours logged in retreats, courses, workshops and trainings including: silent meditation retreats, yoga retreats, yoga history course, yoga therapy training, ayurveda workshop, conscious relationship workshop, undoing racism & white privilege training, and more.

Want to learn more about me and my work?
If you are inspired, have questions, or just want to get connected, I'd love to hear from you!